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About Us

The Village Hall was built in 1933 and today the committee as trustees of the Village Hall under the Chair of Christopher Caine are making sure that the words of Mrs Wolsley-Worswick in her opening Chairmans speech in 1933 carry on. She said that the Village Hall belonged to every member of the parishes, which it would serve. In 1933 there were three parishes Morville, Aston Eyre and Acton Round, then Monkhopton was added.

For 2021 we can offer the best in facilities for anyone who wants to promote their activities, large carpark, fully equipped modern kitchen, ladies and gents rest room, plus a new modern hall, which consists of 98 square meters of top quality oak flooring, whether you are holding a party, exercise, or even music or dance classes, we have a generous supply of tables and chairs for you to use. 

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Morville Village Hall - The Hall

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