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Browse our regular events below. If you want to join one of the classes or activities below, you can contact the organiser directly using the contact details provided. You can also find links to other local services towards the end of the page.

Please note that these events may be affected by COVID-19 so make sure to check with the organisers for any cancellations or changes in times.

Thank you

The Womens Institute

The Womens Institute.jpg

To learn more about The Women's Institute visit their website:

Tel: 01743 461646


Second Wednesday of every month at 7:15pm

Concordia Ladies Choir

To learn more about Concordia Ladies Choir visit their Facebook Page:


Every Thursday evening 

Concordia Choir.jpg

Morville Parish Council

Morville Parish Council 1.jpg

To learn more about Morville Parish Council visit their website:

Second Monday evening every other month starting January (will be the third Monday if there is a bank holiday in the first or second week)

Bridgnorth Bridge Club

To learn more about Bridgnorth Bridge Club visit their website:


Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:30 pm (arrive at 1:15)

Bridgnorth Bridge Club White Background.

St. Gregory's Church

Morville Church Logo.jpg

To learn more about Morville Parish Council visit their website:

To see the latest news and how to get involved visit their Facebook page:

Pam's Pools

To learn more about Pams Pools visit their website:


Pams Pools.jpg

Morville Defibrillator

Defibrillator Location.jpg

The Morville Village Defibrillator is situated in the phone box at the Junction of A458 and St Gregorys Close.


The Defibrillator was donated to the community by Morville Village Hall and the phone box is run by the Parish Council.

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